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Become a Project Management Professional, Part-Time

Jumpstart your Operations career at a top-tier tech company through practical skills and hands-on lessons taught by Project Managers and Operations leaders. Learn how to plan and execute large scale software projects in a fast growing technology business across roles like Project Manager, Project Coordinator, Operations Manager, Program Manager, and more.

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The Practical, Hands-On Experience You Need To Land Your First Operations Role.

We created the Operations Concentration Course for professionals interested in securing an operations career in the tech industry. Students gain mastery over the curriculum through hands-on, experiential classes and individual coaching.

Operations Deep Dive

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the Operations function

Hands-On Practical Curriculum

Rapidly build your Project Management competency

1-on-1 Career Coaching

Get individualized support from operations leaders

Part-Time Commitment

Develop in-demand skills for high-paying tech jobs part-time

Our graduates are building careers at some of the top companies in tech
Here’s what they have to say.
Learn Essential Operations Skills from Industry Experts.

School16’s Operations Concentration is an intensive, 8-week course featuring 90-120 minute sessions with expert Operations leaders at companies like Facebook, Google, Uber, and more.

Project Schedules
Project Management Toolkit
Operations Leadership
Project Metrics, & Mastering the Interview
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Week 3
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Week 6-8
A top-notch, tech training program

“School16 is a top-notch training program to accelerate your career in tech. The instructors had diverse experience working at small start-ups as well as larger companies like Google, Amazon, and Salesforce.  With the program, I was able to leverage my 4+ years in SaaS Sales and change industries to continue growing my career. My new skill set also allowed me to successfully negotiate higher pay. Whether you're in school or have years of experience in the industry - School16 will teach you the skills to level up your career.”

Delia N
Fall 2021 Cohort
Should be a part of college education

“I feel like what School16 does actually needs to be a part of college education, but it's not unfortunately and School16 does a great job of filling that gap. The curriculum actually teaches you to network, connect with people, find great employers, interview well, and give actionable playbooks on each part of the process. I enjoyed School16 and it has been instrumental for me in getting promoted and accelerating my professional growth!”

Daniil Krets
Spring 2021 Cohort
I feel equipped to find lasting success

“Walking out of the program, I felt that I was equipped with the tools I needed to find lasting success in my career. Through the teaching and mentorship I got from the program, I gained a position with a company in my desired industry. You really learn how to navigate your career from School16. From the classes I gained knowledge that I've always needed, but haven't been able to find on the internet or in person. I would strongly recommend School16 to anyone looking for a role in tech.”

Spring 2021 Cohort
Meet your new lead instructor.

All of School16's operations and project management instructors are veterans in tech that currently work in tech operations, managing complicated multi-stakeholder projects. They have first hand experience with navigating operations careers, and help our students break into operations even if they have no experience working in tech.

Ally Mihailovich
Technical Project Manager, Netflix
Meet your mentors.

Our mentors are all seasoned professionals with years of experience leading business teams across the four core non-technical disciplines we base our curriculum around.

Sean Lane

at Drift

Carlotta Zorzi

Strategic Partnerships
at Shopify Plus

Blaire Hervey

Sr. Director of Global Sales Enablement
at Shopify Plus

Prabha Dublish 

Product Manager
at Facebook

Alexandra Woo

Strategic Partnerships
at Etsy

​​Adrea Simmons

Sr. Solutions Specialist
at Microsoft

How we’re making learning accessible for all.

At School16, we strive to create a space where high-growth tech jobs are accessible to everyone—regardless of their background or experience. Speak with an admissions officer today to find out more about our accessible learning options.

Student Scholarships

All students are automatically considered for need-based scholarships.

0% Interest Payment Plans

Flexible, 0% interest, monthly payment plans available for all students.

Employer Reimbursement

Students may use employer tuition reimbursement benefits to pay for classes.

Free Resource Library

Podcasts, articles, and recorded webinars on tech roles and career development.

Program details.
$3,500 — Flexible payment plans and need-based scholarships available.

Enroll by February 17th to take advantage of our $500 Early Bird tuition discount offer.
8-week course — Two 2 hour classes per week.
Cohort Size:
Classes capped at a maximum of 20 students.
Online classes — 6:00-8:00 P.M. EST, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
I'm working full-time. Can I still take this course?

Yes. This course is part-time and intended for working professionals or students. The classes are held virtually, on Zoom, in the evenings twice a week. You can complete homework assignments at any time during the week. Many of our students also expense the program as professional development training through their employer. You can email us at info@school16.co to learn more about expensing School16 tuition through an employer.

Who is this program a good fit for?

We designed this course for students who have some demonstrated interest and/or experience in the tech sector. If you have no experience in tech, completion of our Technology Career Acceleration Program is a prerequisite to qualify for this program. This course is a great fit for anyone who has experience in sales, operations, marketing, or customer support in tech and wants to transition into an operations role. Founders and former entrepreneurs are encouraged to apply.

How much does the program cost?

School16 offers flexible payment options and opportunities to learn risk-free. The full tuition for the Advanced Concentration: Operations course is $3500.All students are automatically considered for need-based scholarships and can choose to repay their tuition in monthly installments. If you are currently employed, you may be able to expense your tuition through your employer. You can email us at info@school16.co to learn more about expensing School16 tuition through an employer.

What sets School16 apart from other courses?

Our course not only teaches you the skills that you'll need for any first-time Operations role—but the curriculum also provides the mentorship necessary to find the right industry and role you'd like to work in. There are a lot of tech operations roles out there, and we want to help you find the right fit for you.

Is this a certificate-granting program?

Yes, successful completion of this program will earn students a certificate of completion for the Advanced Learning Concentration: Operations course.

Do I need to take the introductory 8-week Technology Career Acceleration Program to qualify?

We recommend students take the introductory 8-week Technology Career Acceleration Program before taking a concentration in a particular field. However, students can place directly into an Advanced Learning Concentration course depending on their background and experience. We will evaluate placement during our admissions process.

Are there any discounts if I take more than one School16 course?

Yes, School16 alumni will receive special offers to enroll in Advanced Concentration courses.

Can I take more than one Advanced Learning Concentration?

Yes, we designed School16's education to fit each student's respective career and professional development goals. Students that successfully complete any of our course offerings are eligible to enroll in as many additional courses as required to complete their education.

Do I need to take an Advanced Learning Concentration course to land a tech job?

Many of our students start receiving job interviews and offers after graduating from our foundational 8-week program. However, certain highly competitive tech roles may require additional training to land a role (depending on the individual's experience).

What job titles could I expect after successfully completing this course?

Students who complete our Advanced Concentration: Operations course will typically pursue the following roles: Project Manager, Operations Project Manager, Operations Associate, Operations Manager, Revenue Operations Associate. This list is not exhaustive. Other roles may also be a fit for students that complete this course (depending on their experience).

What is the daily schedule of the course?

The classes meet twice a week for 90-120 minute sessions. Students will also receive assignments to complete during the rest of the week, including readings, solo work, and group projects.

Are there requirements to participate in the Advanced Concentration: Operations course?

Students who have successfully completed the School16 Tech Career Accelerator program are immediately eligible to join the Advanced Concentration: Operations course. Depending on experience, students may place into an Operations Concentration directly, or may be required to complete the Tech Career Acceleration Program beforehand. Our Admissions team will make this determination after the program interview with each candidate on a case by case basis. We recommend that prospective students who need additional support consider the Tech Career Accelerator Program in addition to the Advanced Concentration: Operations course and complete them both.

What level of experience do I need to have to join this class?

In general, we recommend students successfully complete our Tech Career Acceleration Program before any concentration. If you have 1-3 years of experience in Operations or an adjacent field, you may be able to place into the concentration directly. Our admissions team will make some exceptions on a case-by-case basis. For example, if an applicant has little to no work experience, but has done relevant side project work, they may be able to place into this concentration class without any pre-requisite program. Our admissions counselors will guide applicants towards the right program fit based on their goals, whether that is the Advanced Concentration: Operations, another concentration, or our Tech Career Accelerator Program.

What industries and roles are School16 students typically from?

School16 students come from various industries and levels of experience. Our students have come from tech, education, nonprofits, government, even musical theater. Some are currently enrolled in college, early in their career, mid-level, or have even led successful and long careers in their respective field. Transitioning to tech, including into Operations roles, can be a good fit for anyone, regardless of their background. If you're interested in exploring Operations careers, we're here to help you.

What comes with the course?

The School16 Advanced Concentration: Operations course comes with over 24 hours of live class time, 1:1 and small group career mentorship including assistance in finding the right Operations roles, applying, and interviewing for those roles, in addition to ongoing access to the School16 network. Students also have lifetime access to all educational materials and exclusive alumni-only events.

Is Operations the right fit for me?

If you’re an organized and process oriented person who loves to take complex projects and break them up into specific deliverables to accomplish your goals, you’ll be a great fit for the Advanced Concentration: Operations class.

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