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Whether you’re trying to get a job in the tech industry with no or limited experience or you’re in the industry and want to level-up your career, we’ve got free resources to help you navigate your journey.

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Join us live every week as School16 founders Vadim and Sergei Revzin interview Operations, Product Management, Sales, and Marketing experts as they share their experiences and advice for navigating a career in tech.

live seminar
How To Break Into Partnership Roles at Companies Like NBC, Viacom and Twitter
Jasmine Shockness
Global Content Partnerships
December 8, 2021 6:00 PM
live seminar
How do Growth Marketers Create Engaging Content at Companies Like Snapchat and Pandora
Katie Weidmann
Growth Marketing Manager
December 15, 2021 1:00 PM

Past Event Recordings

Get access to recordings of past seminars with experts from industry professionals in Operations, Project Management, Sales, and Product Marketing roles at major tech companies.

From Entry Level at NYTimes to Head of Sales in Tech Within 5 Years
Peter Adams II
Global Head of Sales
School16 presents a live seminar with Peter Adams II, the Global Head of Sales at Mozilla. In this seminar, Peter will discuss his entrepreneurial beginnings, navigating cross-industry career moves, and how he's been successful in sales.
How to be Successful as a Product Manager at Tech Companies like Webex, IBM, and PulseSecure
Aishwarya Rao
Product Manager at Webex
School16 presents a live seminar with Aishwarya Rao, Product Manager at Webex. Aishwarya builds features that help colleagues learn about one another and establish effective working relationships. In this seminar, Aishwarya will share how to be a high-performing Product leader in both big companies like IBM or Pulse Secure and start-ups like Akido Labs.
From Business Development to Product Management at Facebook and TikTok
Chloe Shih
Product Lead
School16 presents a live seminar with Chloe Shih, who is a Product Lead at Tiktok building tools that combat bullying and harassment. In this seminar Chloe will discuss how she leveraged her background in partnership development and operations across growth stage and established tech startups to become a product leader at places like Facebook and TikTok.
Breaking Into Partnership Development In Tech
Erin Kelly
Head of Partnerships
School16 presents a live seminar with Erin Kelly, Head of Partnerships at Transparent Financial Systems (previously at Crunchbase), a blockchain FinTech company. In this seminar, Erin will discuss how partnerships are managed and structured in tech, and the skills required to manage strategic partnership relationships with various stakeholders.
How To Land a Customer Success Role if You Don't Come from Tech
Christina Wills Parra
Customer Success Manager
In this School16 event, we’ll be discussing Christina Wills Parra’s journey from journalism graduate to Fintech sales to her current role as a Customer Success Leader at LinkedIn.
The Role of Customer Success In Big Tech
Michael Herman
Account Executive at Microsoft
In this School16 event, hear from Michael Herman as he shares his impressive journey from economics major to Microsoft consultant—straight out of college, with no experience or background in tech.
Why Product Management Leaders Look For Operations Experts
Alexandra Woo
Senior Product Manager at Etsy
In this seminar, Alexandra discusses how to leverage experience in various operational functions to land opportunities in product management, regardless of industry.
How to Stand Out For Product Marketing Roles in Tech
Sanjna Parulekar
Product Marketing Director at Salesforce
In this seminar, Sanjna discusses what differentiates product marketers from traditional marketers, and the skills that are required to succeed in this increasingly important role in tech.
How to Learn Sales Even if You Have No Experience
Michael Furgason
Sales Readiness Leader at LinkedIn
In this seminar, Michael discusses how to rapidly acquire skills that drive revenue for technology organizations, and what it takes to grow into a leadership role in sales.

The Mentors Podcast

School16 founders Vadim and Sergei Revzin regularly contribute to publications like Forbes—read their recent takes on trends in tech and entrepreneurship.

The Four Stages Of Becoming An Expert
Vadim & Sergei
The Importance Of Being Yourself And The Debut Of Our First Parody Song
Vadim & Sergei
The Importance Of Saying Fuck It
The Inside Story Of How Foursquare Was Started
The Opportunity In Reversing The Flow
The Power Of Now
The Power Of Saying Yes And Other Lessons From Improv Class
The Power of Small Actions and an update to The Story of A Homeless Neuroscientist
The Reality of Fundraising and How Most Entrepreneurs Get Capital

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