Our Story

The name School16 is inspired by a little known school that was founded in a small city in Eastern Europe in 1981. The school was an experiment to test a new model of education that prioritized student interests and talents over a rigid learning curriculum. Two years later this would become one of the most innovative education programs in all of the former Soviet Union, with delegates from all over the world studying its model. That school was called School No. 16, and the Founding Director was our father, Dr. Samuel Revzin. 

Since becoming university educators ourselves after spending a decade in tech, we saw that the rapidly changing opportunity landscape is creating a new moment in time where innovation in adult education is necessary. Career success today depends more on good communication and adaptability than it does on any one particular area of academic study.

When it comes to high-income technology careers specifically, a well-rounded foundation and understanding of how business teams function is critical to career advancement, and School16 is building a new model of education to address this new reality.

Our mission at School16 is to create a learning environment that provides opportunities for all students, regardless of background or experience, to rapidly acquire the knowledge necessary to lead fulfilling and successful careers.

Sergei & Vadim Revzin
Founding Co-Directors of School16

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