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Master Digital Marketing, Sales, Business Operations, and Product Development all in one program

Build skills for non-coding careers in tech, with a job guarantee

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Fernanda Mella
Project Manager
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The Program
Helping you get your dream career in a matter of months.
We designed this program to help our students learn the most practical business skills, tools, and strategies from top performing leaders at the biggest firms in tech. Our graduates walk away from the program becoming more competitive in the market, with the confidence required to secure new opportunities.
Weekly Classes

Unlike a traditional classroom, each seminar in the program provides a framework for how to start working toward attaining your career goals.

You will walk away with a clear plan on how to put the skills you learned that week into immediate practice.

Office Hours

Students enrolled in the program will have access to our expert instructors each week to address questions about the week's classes.

This is also an opportunity to develop  mentorship relationships that will go beyond the 16 weeks.

Daily Support

Students will receive support from our program managers over chat and email any time throughout the duration of the program.

This is a critical resource for students actively pursuing a new career.

Meet some of your Instructors & Mentors
Get immediate access to dozens of practitioners in growing fields, in a live, online learning setting.
Adrea Simmons
Solutions Team
Alexandra Woo
Product Management
Ally Mihailovich
Sr. Project Manager
Tolulope Lawal
Customer Success
The Process
How we're transforming our student's lives.
This is not your typical Online School. There is no pre-recorded content and 100% of your time is spent getting direct support and feedback from some of the most sought after experts in the world.

You'll be joining an exclusive community of ambitious learners and successful leaders that are focused on only one thing - helping you figure out how to leverage your strengths to get to the next step in your career fast.

Build Confidence to pursue opportunities that were previously out of reach for you by learning how to navigate relationships and learning how to sell yourself and your value.

Get Clarity on how you should be spending your time and the types of careers that are a good fit for your personality, aptitude, and background.

Build Relationships that will help you get your foot in the door for exciting roles and projects.

Build Business Acumen to feel confident when you're talking to business leaders, founders, and hiring managers.

Understand How Tech Works from how different departments make decisions to how the various roles fit together in a company.

Develop Business Skills from learning modern marketing techniques and tools, to developing your sales skills and understanding how innovation actually happens.
This was such an amazing learning experience, better than any class I've taken in college! Was really sad to say goodbye to my cohort!

-Jesús Corona, Tec de Monterrey Graduate
Your First 14 Days at School16
You will get support from our team before you even enroll. Once you're added to the student roster, you officially have access to everything that the community has to offer.

📆 First 1:1 Career Advisory Session. This is where we get an understanding of you as a human, and how to leverage our program to achieve your personal and professional goals.

🤝 Program Meet & Greet. Meet the rest of your cohort members in a fun online event and get to know your Program Manager and the Founding Directors of the program.

🏫 Orientation & First Day of Class. Learn about all of the resources at School16 and the tools you'll be using during the program.

🔎 Navigating Tech & Securing Opportunities. Understand how successful people find sought after hidden opportunities to avoid competing for the same roles as everyone else.

📈 Digital Marketing & Modern Acquisition Channels. All successful businesses start with mastering marketing. Learn how startups identify arbitrage marketing opportunities to gain marketshare, and understand how to speak like a marketer.

💼 First Mentor Meeting. Meet with a School16 mentor to learn about their career, whether it's in Product Leader at Spotify or a Partnership Executive at Netflix.

Scroll down to see the rest of the program schedule.
I love how interactive classes have been and I especially enjoy the breakout group sessions we do. Gives us a great opportunity to meet our classmates and instructors in an intimate setting.

-Amy Diaz, Texas State University Graduate
Get Your Certificate in 8-Weeks

Gain a deep understanding of the most in-demand business roles at fast growth companies, no coding needed.

Explore Different Business Roles to Find your Path


8 weeks, 2 hour sessions

Course Details

In this course you will:

1) Build foundational knowledge of the most in demand no-code business roles that exist to help guide your career path.

2) Gain a deeper understanding of the tech ecosystem, skills needed in different roles, the business value each area offers, the systems/tools/software used by each team, etc.

3) 1:1 coaching sessions to develop your resume, discover your transferable skills, learn hacks to stand out in a sea of LinkedIn profiles, and gain the confidence to show case your skills and portfolio to hiring managers and recruiters.


Module 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing
Module 2: Foundations of Direct Sales
Module 3: Operations and Project Management
Module 4: Product Development

Part 1: Explore Different Business Roles to Find your Path

8 weeks, 2 hour sessions

Course Details
The goal of the first eight weeks of the program is to find your career path and you will:

  • Build foundational knowledge of the most in demand no-code business roles that exist to help guide your career path.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the tech ecosystem, skills needed in different roles, the business value each area offers, the systems/tools/software used by each team, etc.
  • 1:1 coaching sessions to develop your resume, discover your transferable skills, learn hacks to stand out in a sea of LinkedIn profiles, and gain the confidence to show case your skills and portfolio to hiring managers and recruiters.

Module 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing
Module 2: Foundations of Direct Sales
Module 3: Operations and Project Management
Module 4: Product Development

Part 2: Specialize with an Advanced Learning Concentration project

8 weeks, project based

Course Details
Develop real-world skills and a portfolio in one of our Advanced Learning Concentrations so you are job-ready upon graduation.

  • With the help of our experienced career coaches and mentors, choose a concentration in Sales & Client Success, Digital Marketing, or Project Management/Operations to start building a portfolio of projects that will impress hiring managers and recruiters
  • Work directly with experts who work in the industry to gain a proficient understanding of day-to-day activities related to the role while developing a portfolio through project-based learning.
  • Develop an extensive network with mentors and instructors from top tech companies.

Receive your concentration certificate upon successful completion of the program to showcase to employers.

Program Details
The Technology Career Acceleration Program is a unique rotational experience to expose you to everything from marketing to product creating a well-rounded set of skills that will make you a highly effective member of any technology team.

Career Development Classes that will teach critical soft-skills to help you effectively navigate your next opportunity or job search

Case-study Classes showing you what the highest paying, most in demand roles are and the most important systems and tools used on the job

Experiential Classes where you get to see an operator executing a part of their job in real time and apply the skill in an in-class project

Project Based Work + Certificate where you work on projects that directly apply what you're learning and receive a certificate at the end of the program in Technology Business Strategy and Development.
Module 1: Digital Marketing

Accelerate your career as a marketer in the technology sector with practical skills and hands-on lessons taught by Digital Marketing experts.

Module 2: Sales & Client Success

Learn from sales leaders about what it takes to land a Tech Sales role with a top-tier tech company.

Module 3: Ops and Project Management

Get practical, hands-on operations experience from industry leaders and learn what it takes to land a high-paying operations management role with a top-tier company.

Module 4: Product Development

Understand how product innovation happens from top tier Product Managers and learn how to plan and execute large scale software projects

Upcoming Program Start Dates
Our 8 week part-time online program requires an average of 7 hours per week to complete, including 4 hours of weekly live in class instruction.

Classes run on Mondays and Tuesdays, 6:00PM - 8:00PM EST.
Upcoming Cohort Start Date

July 22nd, 2024

Rolling Admission

With priority consideration to early applicants

Curriculum Breakdown
Week Main Class Topics
Week 1-2 Marketing: The first two weeks focus on understanding the standard marketing mix of most software companies and the systems and tools required to be successful in a marketing role. Students will complete assignments that accelerate their marketing acumen while learning how the role interacts with the revenue arm of an organization.
Week 3-4 Sales: Sales is one of the most sought after skills across every major technology sector. Students will learn direct sales principles that they can put into immediate practice while undertsanding how to land a high compensation role as a sales professional in as little as 90 days. These classes are also critical for professionals interested in other client facing roles in tech.
Week 5-6 Operations: Operations can be a highly dynamic function within any tech business. Students will learn the systems, tools, and processes that are commonly used in B2B and B2C software companies and learn the basic skills required to improve operational efficiency at both large and small companies.
Week 7-8 Product: Product management is a cross-functional discipline that requires a deep understanding of every role in tech. The final area of concentration of the program will teach you what you need to know as a product owner in consumer and enterprise technology, give you hands on experience of the day to day work, and provide you with an inside look into how product management inteviews are structured.
All Weeks Career Development Classes: Throughout the program students will learn critical skills to start landing interviews and job offers. Students will execute on weekly networking campaigns, learn how to talk about themselves to employers, and build relationships with dozens of professionals in tech to get direct introductions into opportunities. Working with their career coach they will perfect their LinkedIn and resume to land an opportunity as quickly as possible, and will graduate with a Certificate that can be showcased to employers
Tuition & Scholarships
All eligible applicants can take advantage of School16's job guarantee. It's simple - if you've completed all of the necessary requirements of our program, and you don’t get a job within six months of graduation, you get a full refund for your tuition.
School16 Tuition & Payment Plans |  Pay upfront or in monthly installments, interest free  -  Full Tuition: $3,500

To start just a $300 USD deposit to enroll that will apply to your tuition, which includes live sessions, top tier industry expert mentors and instructors, 1:1 coaching to advance your career and access to our network of hundreds of professionals.

Scholarships Grants | 10-50% off Tuition

Need-based partial scholarships are available depending on your financial situation. After you apply and speak with a member of our admissions team, we will make a scholarship award determination.

Financing  |  4-30 Monthly Installments Through Our Financing Partners  -  Starting at $125/mo

School16's goal is for you to develop your career; so we have a range of payment plans through financing partners with zero to low-interest rates for the tuition after paying the $300 USD deposit.

Climb offers a 30 month loan with no pre-payment penalty if you want to pay it off faster.

Affirm offers a 12 month loan payment with interest rates depending on your credit history.

SplitIt offers a 6-12 month payment plan see details.

Luis O.

Maira E.
A top-notch, tech training program

"This program is unbelievably helpful! Not only do you build new, relevant, and invaluable skills, but you build confidence as well. Through Marketing, Sales, Operations, and Career development and help; School16 lifts their students up and helps them find the path they are so desperately look for. From instructors to career coaches and so much more, School16 motivates and encourages its students to stay true to themselves and teaches them it's okay to be uncomfortable. Long story short, it's 16 weeks of incredible growth and relationship building."

Veronica A.

Daniil Krets
Should be a part of college education

“I feel like what School16 does actually needs to be a part of college education, but it's not unfortunately and School16 does a great job of filling that gap. The curriculum actually teaches you to network, connect with people, find great employers, interview well, and give actionable playbooks on each part of the process. I enjoyed School16 and it has been instrumental for me in getting promoted and accelerating my professional growth!”

Owen M.

Elissa H.
I feel equipped to find lasting success

“Walking out of the program, I felt that I was equipped with the tools I needed to find lasting success in my career. Through the teaching and mentorship I got from the program, I gained a position with a company in my desired industry. You really learn how to navigate your career from School16. From the classes I gained knowledge that I've always needed, but haven't been able to find on the internet or in person. I would strongly recommend School16 to anyone looking for a role in tech.”

Frequently Asked Questions
I'm working full-time. Can I still take this course?

Yes. This course is part-time and intended for working professionals or students. The classes are held virtually, on Zoom, from 6-8pm EST twice a week. You can complete homework assignments at any time during the week. Many of our students also expense the program as professional development training through their employer. You can email us at to learn more about expensing School16 tuition through an employer.

Who is this program a good fit for?

This program is for anyone with professional work experience interested in changing careers, or pursuing a non-technical career where coding skills are not required. While learning how to code can be a useful skill for anyone, there's currently a major talent gap for high-growth companies that don't require programming experience.

Our program focuses on roles across operations, marketing, customer success and sales, which are far more open to candidates from non-traditional backgrounds, allowing for more rapid career progression than other fields.

How much does the program cost?

School16 offers flexible payment options and opportunities to learn risk-free. The full tuition for the Program is $3,500 USD. All students are automatically considered for need-based scholarships and have the option to repay their tuition in monthly installments. If you're currently unemployed, and you do not receive a scholarship, we provide several financing through our partners, on top of our job guarantee for eligible students.

What sets School16 apart from other courses?

Most students are interested in different career paths and shouldn't be forced to pick a career without being informed about their options.  School16 offers the only program in the market that allows you to explore different roles while developing a strong business foundation. Our program not only teaches you the skills that you'll need for any first-time technology related role — but the curriculum also provides the mentorship necessary to find the right industry and role you'd like to work in. There are a lot of business roles out there, and we want to help you find the right fit for you.

Is this a certificate-granting program?

Yes, successful completion of this program will earn students a certificate of completion in Technology Business Strategy and Development, which can be featured prominently on LinkedIn and your resume.

What is the daily schedule of the course?

The classes meet twice a week for 90-120 minute sessions. Students will also receive assignments to complete during the rest of the week, including readings, solo work, and group projects.

What level of experience do I need to have to join this class?

In general, we recommend students successfully complete our Tech Career Acceleration Program before any concentration. However, students with 1-2 years of experience working in a marketing or marketing adjacent function may be eligible to join the concentration outright. Students at varying places in their careers will find the Advanced Concentration: Digital Marketing course useful—including students currently enrolled in college or university with some tech experience (including internships) and/or some marketing experience; or those that have taken the School16 Tech Career Accelerator Program. Those already working, at any stage of their career, may also be a good fit for the program. Our admissions counselors will guide applicants towards the right program fit based on their goals, whether that is the Advanced Concentration: Digital Marketing, another concentration, or our Tech Career Accelerator Program.

What industries and roles are School16 students typically from?

School16 students come from various industries and levels of experience. Our students have come from tech, education, nonprofits, government, even musical theater. Some are currently enrolled in college, early in their career, mid-level, or have even led successful and long careers in their respective field. Transitioning to tech, including into Marketing roles, can be a good fit for anyone, regardless of their background. If you're interested in exploring Marketing careers, we're here to help you.

What job titles could I expect after successfully completing this course?

Our graduates are eligible for hundreds of job titles which differ greatly depending on which sector or professional career trajectory you choose to pursue. Some of the positions our students have secured include: Digital Marketing Manager, Operations Manager, Customer Success Manager, Enterprise Sales Executive, Project Manager, Program Manager, Program Coordinator, Business Analyst, Social Media Planner, and more.

Our coaches work closely with our students to identify in demand roles that are the best fit for them, to quickly start securing interviews and job offers.

About School16

Launched during the COVID pandemic by Sergei and Vadim Revzin after working in high tech companies, venture capital and NYU in sales, project management and as professors and advisors.

School16 was born from a realization: “People want to learn from practitioners that are currently in the field.”

Our mission at School16 is to create a learning environment that provides opportunities for all students, regardless of background or experience, to rapidly acquire the knowledge necessary to lead fulfilling and successful careers.

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