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Level Up Your Career & Learn To Thrive In The Non-Coding Side Of Tech.

Our experiential, live, online classes will help you develop the hard and soft skills needed to accelerate your career in tech.

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School16 is where ambitious people go to grow their careers in tech.

Through our rigorous 8-week online program, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of the four core, business roles in tech—marketing, sales, operations, and product management—while learning directly from the leaders at some of tech’s fastest-growing startups.

Our graduates are building careers at some of the top companies in tech.

Your rapid career growth starts now.

Our curriculum focuses on rapidly developing your industry awareness and skills to make you more attractive to tech employers.

Tech Landscape

Gain a complete understanding of the most sought-after, non-coding roles and skills in tech right now.

Skill Growth

Develop and leverage your hard and soft skills to impress hiring managers, boost your negotiating power, and excel in your desired role.

Career Development

Understand how your past job experience and personal interests can help you identify the role you’re most likely to succeed in

Network Engagement

Join a powerful community of tech leaders, entrepreneurs, and diverse up-and-coming alumni—forging lifelong friendships.

Mentor Support

Get 1-on-1 support from leaders at some of tech’s fastest-growing startups and develop mentorship relationships that extend far beyond your School16 experience.

Experiential Learning

Learn how startups overcome real-world challenges and get an inside look into how each non-coding role plays a part in the solution.

Tech Sales

Sales is one of the most transferable skills on the market, but learning how to sell technology requires some specialized knowledge. In this rotation, you will learn how to find the right company to sell for, what roles and salaries are available for professionals in the field, and how to develop the communication skills required to drive revenue.

Tech Marketing

Talented marketers are always in demand because revenue teams need a healthy flow of people interested in what they have to offer. In this rotation, you will learn how digital marketing has changed in recent years, and how you can prove your ability to drive engaged customers to a brand.

Product Management

Product jobs in tech require a unique combination of skills that allow you to work seamlessly with business stakeholders, engineers, and designers alike. In this rotation, you will learn which tech roles to pursue in order to gain the experience needed to excel in a product job, while also building an understanding of how product roles differ between direct-to-consumer and business brands.


Operations is one of the most valuable and dynamic roles across tech companies of any stage, while also being one of the most difficult to recruit for. In this rotation, you will learn the high-level problem-solving and coordinating skills needed to stand out from other candidates and hit the ground running in any operations role.


Our graduates have gone on to work at amazing companies—from the Fortune 500 to the fastest-growing startups in Silicon Valley. Here’s what they have to say.

Program details.


$2,500 — Flexible payment plans and need-based scholarships available.


Start date: December 13th — 8 weeks, meeting twice per week.


1.5 to 2 hours per session.


Online classes.

Meet your instructors & mentors.

Adrea Simmons

Solutions Team

Howard Byrd

Sales Director

Blaire Hervey

Sales Enablement Director

Prabha Dublish


Join other School16 alumni thriving at high-growth companies.

Daniil Krets

Sales Development Manager

Sean Biava

Product Management/Customer Success

Breena Blake

Marketing Specialist

Andrew Husach

Head of Sales Operations

Jenny Li

Sales Development

Juliana Kho

Software Engineering Intern

Frequently asked questions.

Do I need to know how to code to participate in School16?

No, you do not need to know code to participate in School16—or work in tech! School16 was developed to educate people on the opportunities that exist within the non-technical side of tech (i.e. the non-coding side). So no matter your background or experience, we will help you develop the skills and confidence needed to accelerate your career in tech.

Who is the program for?

This program is for anyone interested in pursuing a non-technical career in the technology sector. While learning how to code can be a useful skill for anyone, there's currently a major talent gap for high-growth tech jobs that don't require programming experience.

Our program focuses on roles across product, operations, marketing, and sales, which are far more open to candidates from non-traditional backgrounds, allowing for more rapid career progression than other fields.

How much does the program cost?

School16 offers flexible payment options and opportunities to learn risk-free. The full tuition for the Technology Career Acceleration Program is $2,500.

All students are automatically considered for need-based scholarships and have the option to repay their tuition in monthly installments. If you're currently unemployed, and you do not receive a scholarship, you also have the option of deferring payment until you get a job.

What does the program consist of?

The Technology Career Acceleration Program is structured as a rotational experience to expose you to everything from marketing to product—creating a well-rounded set of skills that will make you a highly effective member of any technology team.
The curriculum consists of three main session types:

General career classes to help you develop a personal brand and narrative that employers will seek out;

Specialized role awareness classes
that teach you the most important principles of a given role in tech;

Experiential classes
that put what you learn into immediate practice to help build out your resume.
Classes typically run between 90 to 120 minutes.

What kind of careers does School16 focus on developing?

We designed the program to expose students to the four core, non-coding roles in tech—sales, marketing, operations, and product management (as well as other positions related to these core disciplines). Often School16 graduates advance their careers within tech sales, customer success, and marketing roles.

Can I participate in this program while I’m working full-time?

Yes! The Technology Career Acceleration Program is a twice-a-week, part-time program designed to provide working students with the ability to complete the coursework while maintaining their current professional responsibilities. Many of our students also expense the program as professional development training through their employer. You can email us at to learn more about expensing School16 tuition through an employer.

Do I get a certificate once I graduate?

Yes, our graduates receive the official School16 certificate of completion and gain access to all future School16 events and past class recordings.

What is the origin of School16?

School16’s name is inspired by a little-known school founded in a small, Eastern European city in 1981. The school tested a new model of education that prioritized student interests and talents over a rigid learning curriculum. Two years later, this educational experiment became one of the most innovative education programs in all of the former Soviet Union, with delegates from all over the world studying its model. That school was called School No. 16, and the Founding Director was our father, Dr. Samuel Revzin. 

Since becoming university educators ourselves after spending a decade in tech, we recognized that the rapidly changing opportunity landscape has created the need for innovation in adult education. Career success today depends more on good communication and adaptability than it does on any one particular area of academic study.

When it comes to high-growth technology careers specifically, a well-rounded foundation and understanding of how business teams function are critical to career advancement. School16 is building a new model of education to address this new reality.

Our mission at School16 is to create a learning environment that provides opportunities for all students—regardless of background or experience—to rapidly acquire the knowledge necessary to lead fulfilling and successful careers in tech.

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