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Why now?

Certain skills hedge better against economic risks. We help you develop these skills to get jobs in more flexible and resilient industries, like tech. 

Why School16?

We created School16 because we believe that there's a better way to prepare you for the new economy. We teach you how to rapidly develop soft and hard skills that can translate into jobs that are currently in high demand. This is what our network is uniquely world-class at and this is why we exist.

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What you'll learn

We focus on rapidly developing your awareness and skills to make you attractive to tech employers

Understand the most sought after opportunities available to you in tech today


Learn how to develop soft and hard skills specific to the discipline you're interested in


Understand how to leverage your past experience to identify the industry you're best suited for


Learn how to rapidly build up the credibility you need in order to land interviews


Begin to establish a network in your field of interest


A certificate from School16 will be available for our application based programs.

Example Classes

Remote, live, part-time

Learn industry skills directly from experts working in tech roles like marketing, product, sales, operations, and more.

Tech Sales

Sales is one of the most transferrable skills on the market, but learning how to sell technology requires some specialized knowledge. In this class you will learn how to find the right company to sell for, what roles and salaries are available for professionals in this field, and how you can develop the communication skills required to drive revenue.

Tech Marketing

Talented marketers are always in demand because revenue teams need a healthy flow of people interested in what they have to offer. In this class you will learn how digital marketing has changed in recent years, how you can prove your ability to drive engaged customers to a brand, and how you can start to develop experience before you land a job.


Product jobs in tech require a unique combination of skills that allow you to work seamlessly with business stakeholders, engineers, and designers alike. In this class you will learn which roles within startups can give you the experience you need to run a product and understand how product roles differ between direct to consumer and business brands.


This is one of the most valuable and dynamic roles across every stage of company and also one of the most difficult to recruit for. If you're highly organized, innately process oriented, and are able to create and adopt systems for efficiency we will help you understand how to position yourself in tech while becoming familiar with the tools that every operator needs to master.


Design talent is needed at almost every single startup, however while there are many talented designers, their skills are not optimized for roles in tech. In this class you will learn how to build a portfolio that's attractive to startups and what technical skills you need to develop to utilize your design talents in the context of a technology company.

Software Engineering

Learning coding skills takes a longterm commitment to understand programming fundamentals, learn new languages and frameworks, and lots of practice building things from scratch. This class will help you understand if you're well suited for engineering, how to prioritize your focus as you learn, and the minimum milestones you need to reach for employers to trust your technical abilities.

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Our Story

In 1981 a little known school in a rough neighborhood at a small city in Eastern Europe was welcoming its first students. The school was an experiment to test a new model of education that prioritized student interests and talents over a rigid learning curriculum. Two years later this would become one of the most innovative education programs in all of the former Soviet Union, with delegates from all over the world studying its model. That school was called School No. 16, and the Founding Director was our father, Samuel Revzin. 

Since becoming university educators ourselves after spending a decade in tech, we saw that the rapidly changing opportunity landscape is creating a new moment in time where innovation in adult education is necessary. Career success today depends more on good communication and adaptability than it does on any one particular area of academic study.

When it comes to high-income technology careers specifically, a well-rounded foundation and understanding of how business teams function is critical to career advancement, and School16 is building a new model of education to address this new reality.

Sergei & Vadim Revzin
Founding Co-Directors of School16
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