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School16 strives to create a learning environment that provides opportunities for all students—regardless of background or experience—to rapidly acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to lead fulfilling and successful careers in fast growing companies.

Our graduates are building careers at top tier companies.

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Experiential Learning

Learn how startups overcome real-world challenges and get an inside look into how each non-coding role plays a part in the solution.

Practical Curriculum

Gain a complete understanding of the most sought-after, non-coding roles and skills in tech right now and learn how to develop and leverage your skills to impress hiring managers.

Mentorship & Ongoing Support

Get 1-on-1 support from leaders at some of tech’s fastest-growing startups and develop mentorship relationships that extend far beyond your School16 experience.

Part-Time Commitment

Attend twice-a-week sessions and complete the coursework while maintaining your current professional responsibilities.

Non-coding business skills development.

Our education focuses on the non-coding side of tech. We designed our classes to help students develop a core business foundation that's required to successfully positioning themselves for business roles in tech.

All students who successfully complete our 8-Week Technology Career Acceleration certificate program will acquire practical skills across the four core business roles in tech—marketing, sales, operations, and product management.

Meet your instructors and mentors.

Our instructors and mentors are all seasoned professionals with years of experience leading business teams across the four core non-technical disciplines we base our curriculum around. Students will graduate from our certificate program armed with the practical knowledge and mentor support necessary to succeed in the technology sector.

Sean Lane

Operations at Drift

Carlotta Zorzi

Strategic Partnerships at Shopify Plus

Blaire Hervey

Sr. Director of Global Sales Enablement at Salesforce

Tolu Lawal

Customer Success at Google

Alexandra Woo

Sr. Product Manager
at Etsy

​​Adrea Simmons

Sr. Solutions Specialist
at Microsoft


Daniil Krets
School16 Alumni

"This resource is a great way for someone in any stage of their career to get access to the feedback and tools necessary to meaningfully change their career trajectory."

Hareem Khaliq
School16 Alumni

"I am so grateful to the team at School16 for providing me with this amazing opportunity to explore career options and learn from experts. I hope to stay in touch with everyone I met at School16."

Jenny Li
School16 Alumni

"This was an incredible experience, joining the program was the easiest decision I made in a while. I've made new friends, expanded my network, got tangible resources, advice, learned more and in more ways than I thought I would. Didn't love school but really enjoyed School16!

Masha Adamo
School16 Alumni

"I loved meeting all of the incredible speakers from different tech industries and getting the chance to have one on one conversation with them during office hours. School16's curriculum is the perfect combo of tech business skills and soft skills with access to real tools, frameworks and real life work examples and business case analysis."

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