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School16 is an education program designed to help you understand the types of jobs in tech that are the best fit for you, what's currently in high demand, how each role functions, and what skills you need to develop to land a fulfilling job in this sector. In addition to our 8 week Technology Career Acceleration program, each week we also feature free seminars with expert speakers that provide unique insight into their background and area of expertise.

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From Software Development at Intuit To Building A Multi-Million Dollar Ad Agency

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Live Podcast Recording
Kevin Urrutia
Founder at Voy Media, Previously Intuit
About the session

School16 presents a live podcast recording of The Mentors podcast with Kevin Urrutia, founder of New York based digital marketing agency Voy Media. Kevin started his career as a developer at Mint.com, Intuit, and Zaarly before founding multiple companies, including an e-commerce brand which he grew from $0-$1.5 million in 12 months.

In our conversation Kevin will discuss how he transitioned from engineering to marketing and the skills that have contributed to his ability to create and run several multi-million dollar businesses.

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Our recent seminars

Blaire Hervey
Sales Enablement Leader at Amazon
Aug. 19th, 6:00 PM EST

Blaire Hervey will discuss how she develops talent with a focus on inclusivity as a sales training leader. She will also talk about what it takes to be successful in revenue roles at companies like AWS.

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Josh Clemente
Founder at Levels, Previously SpaceX
August 12th, 6:00 PM EST

In this live podcast recording of The Mentors Podcast Josh will talk about how he went from being a hardware engineer at SpaceX to launching a quickly growing consumer health brand.

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Juan Figuera
Sr. Product Manager at Amex Digital Labs
Aug. 5th, 6:00 PM EST

Juan will talk through how his entrepreneurial background prepared him for the product innovation role at Amex and how the 170 year old company makes key product decisions

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Nicole Delany
Market Operations at Lyft
July 29th, 6:00 PM EST

Nicole's session will cover how her experience in strategy and project management led to a role in operations at Lyft, and how Ops teams at Lyft are optimized for growth

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Megan Taylor
Customer Success Manager at Uber
July 22nd, 6:00 PM EST

Megan will talk about how she got involved with Uber Eats on the partnership side while still in college, and how her career in Customer Success has evolved over the last four years

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Brett Michaels
Head of Sales at Google Cloud
July 15th, 6:00 PM EST

Brett will be leading a conversation about his trajectory from engineering to tech sales, starting with his background in working with the federal government before moving to commercial

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Keisha Johnson
Product Operations Manager at Pluralsight
July 8th, 6:00 PM EST

Keisha will discuss how her role utilizes both technical and non-technical skillsets to make informed product decisions and how she transitioned into Product from a Business Analyst role.

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Rose Spicer
Global Sr. Dir. Oracle Retail Marketing
July 1st, 6:00 PM EST

Rose will be leading a discussion on how she develops and implements strategic marketing plans involving advertising, demand generation, events, content marketing, etc.

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Mona Bijoor
Investor and Founding CEO of JOOR
June 24th, 6:00 PM EST

Mona will be leading a discussion on building a fashion brand to process over $7 billion in transactions and growing a team from 0 to 100 employees with her first technology business.

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Prabha Dublish
Product Marketing Manager at Facebook
June 17th, 6:00 PM EST

Prabha will discuss the three core pillars of product marketing and the growing opportunities in this increasingly important field at established and emerging technology brands

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Holyn Kanake
Strategy and Operations at Twitter
June 10th, 6:00 PM EST

Holyn will run a session on navigating partnership strategy and operations at major consumer properties like Twitter and establishing a career as an early stage venture scout

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Kateryna Kladkova
Sr. Growth Specialist at Hubspot
June 3rd, 6:00 PM EST

Kateryna will be leading a class on foundations of SaaS Economics covering what tech professional need to understand when looking for opportunities at SaaS companies like Hubspot.

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Kevin "KD" Dorsey
VP of Inside Sales at PatientPop
May 27th, 6:00 PM EST

KD will lead a session on entering the growing discipline of inside sales and how top reps quickly get promoted to management and leadership roles at technology startups

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Grace Ouma-Cabezas
Marketing Executive at Food52, The Knot
May 20th, 6:00 PM EST

Grace will discuss how she grew her career at major consumer brands focusing on deep audience connection and performance driven marketing to drive rapid market growth

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Akshay Sriprasad
Product & Market Strategist at Google
May 13th, 6:00 PM EST

Akshay will run a session on strategy and operations, highlighting how his role at Google lead him to a small team within a subsidiary of Alphabet (Google's parent company)

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David Dennenberg
Global Account Executive at NetApp
May 6th, 6:00 PM EST

Dave will lead a session on mastering enterprise sales and client services after starting off in tech support and working in highly technical roles like Principal Architect and SE Manager

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