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Upcoming Live Seminars

Join us live each month as we interview Operations, Project Management, Sales, Product Marketing experts and more, that share their experiences and advice for navigating a career in tech.

live seminar
Q&A With February Cohort Instructor: Tolulope Lawal, Customer Success @ Google
Tolu Lawal
Customer Success Manager
February 15, 2023 6:00 PM

Past Event Recordings

Get access to recordings of past seminars with experts from industry professionals in Operations, Project Management, Sales, and Product Marketing roles at major tech companies.

How to Learn Sales Even if You Have No Experience
Michael Furgason
Sales Readiness Leader at LinkedIn
In this seminar, Michael discusses how to rapidly acquire skills that drive revenue for technology organizations, and what it takes to grow into a leadership role in sales.
Getting into Brand Partnerships in Big Tech
Carlotta Zorzi
Brand Partnerships at Oracle
In this seminar, Carlotta will walk us through how she got her start in marketing for Silicon Valley startups, eventually working for global media agencies before moving on to ad tech.
Insights From a B2B Customer Success Expert at Salesforce, Google, and Slack
Misha Margitich
Customer Success at Slack
Misha will discuss how the Customer Success function has evolved at some of the fastest growing B2B organizations in tech and the skills employers look for today when recruiting new talent
From Non-Profit to Customer Success At a Public Tech Company
Jeff Love
Customer Success Manager at HubSpot
In this seminar Jeff will discuss how he went from Non-Profits to establishing himself as a client services expert through his roles in Account Management in Client Success.
How a Sales Training Leader Develops Talent at Companies Like Amazon
Blaire Hervey
Sales Enablement Leader at Amazon
Blaire Hervey will discuss how she develops talent with a focus on inclusivity as a sales training leader. She will also talk about what it takes to be successful in revenue roles at companies like AWS.
How to Launch a Career in Customer Success Before Graduating
Megan Taylor
Customer Success Manager at Uber
Megan will talk about how she got involved with Uber Eats on the partnership side while still in college, and how her career in Customer Success has evolved over the last four years
How to Pivot Your Career to Tech Sales
Brett Michaels
Head of Sales at Google Cloud
Brett will be leading a conversation about his trajectory from engineering to tech sales, starting with his background in working with the federal government before moving to commercial
Understanding SaaS Economics as a B2B Technology Professional
Kateryna Kladkova
Sr. Growth Specialist at Hubspot
Kateryna will be leading a class on foundations of SaaS Economics covering what tech professional need to understand when looking for opportunities at SaaS companies like Hubspot.
Getting Your Start in Tech Through Inside Sales
Kevin "KD" Dorsey
VP of Inside Sales at PatientPop
KD will lead a session on entering the growing discipline of inside sales and how top reps quickly get promoted to management and leadership roles at technology startups

The Mentors Podcast

School16 founders Vadim and Sergei Revzin regularly contribute to publications like Forbes—read their recent takes on trends in tech and entrepreneurship.

The evolution of a leader from field sales to president at a public company
Vadim & Sergei
Sales For Founders 101: Introduction
Vadim & Sergei
Sales For Founders 101: Getting Meetings
Vadim & Sergei
Sales For Founders 101: Closing The Deal
Vadim & Sergei
5 Minute Pick Me Up - The Email That Got Us The Meeting
Vadim & Sergei
5 Minute Pick Me Up - The Case For Doing Door To Door Sales
Vadim & Sergei

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