How to decide what tech company is the right fit for you

January 20, 2023

Once you free your mind from believing you have to code in order to work in the tech industry, you can begin looking for jobs! 

There are so many factors to consider when you’re looking for the right role. One of the most important things to be on the lookout for is figuring out what type of company you want to work for. If you’re not sure, you’ve come to the right place.

Even if you don’t have any specific names in mind right now, you may have biases toward certain types of companies. Keep in mind that big brand reputations don’t guarantee you the work-life balance or opportunities for career growth that would benefit you. Instead, select a company where your strengths, interests, and work preferences can shine!

There are several things to keep in mind when coming up with a game plan for deciding what type of tech companies you want to work for. 

Start with your passions

What motivates you? What is your current domain of expertise? One of the tech industry’s greatest strengths is its ability to support people with varied backgrounds and interests. Just look at a few of your options:

  • Finance tech
  • Education tech
  • Biotech 
  • Agriculture tech
  • Legaltech
  • Real estate tech 

If you’re a transitioning teacher looking to leverage your industry knowledge in the digital learning space, consider a role in the edtech industry. Similarly, a transitioning nurse could be well-suited for a healthtech role.

You aren’t limited to entering the tech-version of the industry you’ve previously worked in. If you’re looking to make a more drastic career change, this just means you need to make a greater effort to connect your transferable skills in your application materials.

Don’t apply to a company just because of brand recognition

As you think through what companies you’d like to work for, it’s likely you’ll consider ones that have major brand recognition like Apple, Spotify, Google, or Netflix. Keep in mind there’s other fish in the sea for you to consider! 

Tens of thousands of startups in the 200-1500 employee range exist that can offer you strong compensation, tremendous growth opportunities, and perhaps the greatest alignment with your skills and interests.

Here are a few careers sites to help your search for job opportunities:

If you’re interested in working for big tech beyond the prestige you associate with it, go for it! 

Think through your non negotiables and nice-to-haves

In your flurry to nail down a tech role, you’re prone to ignore your work preferences or write them off as unimportant. But the items you feel willing to sacrifice during the interview stages—like the opportunity to work from home or clash with the company’s mission statement—may determine how long you last in the role if you get hired. 

Tech companies are known for offering some seriously cool perks (like free food and travel stipends) or crazy requests (like sleeping in your office), so you’ll want to do your homework during the interview process and confirm the type of work environment you could be stepping into.

The perks you’re looking for in a company and demands you’re willing to tolerate are unique to your personal preferences and lifestyle. Here’s a list for you to begin thinking about what you’re looking for in a company:

  • Salary and benefits
  • Opportunities for professional development
  • Control over your workload
  • Remote/hybrid/fully in-person work environment
  • Travel opportunities
  • Flexible working hours
  • Relaxed/traditional work environment
  • Alignment with the organization’s mission and values


Preferences trump popularity. Working at a place where you feel valued and able to grow into the professional you dream to be will feel far more rewarding than working for a name brand company that leaves you feeling stressed and uninspired. 

If you need some guidance figuring out how to match your passions and work preferences to the right types of companies, consider enrolling in a structured program that offers mentorship and tailored career development resources. 

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