Here's what's really happening in tech amid layoffs

January 27, 2023

As tech layoffs continue to make headlines, Vadim and I decided to share our thoughts, and some real data in an article today about what's really happening in tech.

While large numbers of people losing their jobs make for good headlines and clickbait, they don't represent what's really happening in the industry.

The reality is overall employment numbers in tech have actually grown over the last year, and millions of new jobs have been created.

Yes, many of the big name tech companies are adjusting for fast growth in the last few years and are cutting certain jobs now that will later be replaced with other jobs.

But if you're in the job market, you have to remember that there are hundreds of thousands of tech companies in the US market alone, and just because Amazon might be having a hiring freeze right now, doesn't mean you can't get into another great company that can really boost your career.

If you've been affected by layoffs recently and you're reading this, perhaps the overall growth numbers are not that encouraging to you as you live the reality of having to start a job hunt.

But it can be a great opportunity to reset and think about what's really important to you in a job, and what kind of impact you want to have.

The opportunities are out there, sometimes we just have to look in places we haven't looked before.

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