How to make compounding opportunities your secret weapon

February 21, 2020

It's the classic chicken an egg problem. How do you get experience if you don't have any experience? The answer, as our guest calls it, is compounding opportunities.

Natalie Gray, who's now Co-founder and Head of Product at Cover, didn't have a grand master life plan. But she did learn very early on that building blocks were important. With each new step in her career she asked herself - "how can I use my past knowledge to be successful in a new area, even if it's completely different and foreign to me?"

With every new step your toolkit of skills gets larger, and as it compounds it gives you the chance to take your career in a growing number of directions. Natalie grew her expertise as a designer, marketer, and sales expert, which ultimately lead her to become an executive and a product leader of a company that has grown from a small team of 4 to 120 people in just 4 years.

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