How successful entrepreneurs rapidly teach themselves new skills

April 14, 2020

Abraham Lincoln was a self-proclaimed lifelong learner, starting off as a general store owner, later serving in the military, as a congressman, and a self-educated lawyer, eventually making his way back to politics.

Many entrepreneurs follow a similar path, diving deep into disciplines where they lack a formal education, in no small part because entrepreneurship is only mastered through hands on practice.

We had a chance to talk to Darrell Silver, founder of Thinkful, about how he figured out how to build two completely different types of businesses, both in business model and industry.

"Many people thrive as experts in a particular field, but I love entering a domain of which I know nothing about and figuring things out as I go along, " said Darrell early on in our interview.

In part one of our conversation we discuss how Darrell learned enterprise sales with his first business and what he did to have a successful exit a few short months after having to let go of most of his team. We also talk about the process of selling your company and what many entrepreneurs get wrong, a topic that's seldom written about in business publications.

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