How developing lucrative skills can give you job security

January 11, 2023

If you want to create job security, focus on building skills that help people make money. Here are some job titles to look at (scroll below to attend a free event tomorrow where we'll discuss some of these roles).

Sales roles

if you can help someone land clients, your income potential is unlimited (VPs of Sales can and do often make more than VPs of Engineering).

📈 Account Executive

📈 Enterprise Sales Representative

📈 Business Development Representative

Marketing roles

Sales teams need leads. If you know how to drive awareness, interest and engagement for a brand, you'll never spend more than a few weeks looking for a job.

📈 Marketing Manager

📈 Social Media Manager

📈 Influencer Marketing Coordinator

📈 Marketing Coordinator

📈 Paid Acquisition Specialist

📈 Search Engine Optimization Specialist

📈 Public Relations Associate

Partnership roles

Some companies rely on partnerships to drive revenue. These jobs require someone that can build long term relationships across complicated stakeholder structures, while coming up with creative ways to structure deals that can be mutually beneficial for a brand. Many people that start in sales or operations can get into BD.

📈 Business Development

📈 Partnership Development

📈 Strategic Partnerships

📈 Director / VP of Partnerships

Account Management roles

Also a client facing position where you're helping customers get the most out of their usage of a particular product or service, compelling them to spend more money or invest more resources with the brand you're representing.

📈 Customer Success Manager

📈 Account Manager

📈 Client Services Coordinator

Finance roles

Not your typical number crunching roles, but finance leaders like VPs of Finance or Chief Financial Officers can help a business secure lines of credit, raise equity financing, identify opportunities to generate more revenue, and find ways to be more efficient with capital. There's a reason why some CFOs become CEOs.

Any organization making hiring decisions will prioritize talent that can add to the bottom line, not take away from it. If you learn relevant business skills to drive revenue, you'll never have trouble finding a job, not only because you'll easily be able to communicate your value to a business, but because your skills will be inherently industry agnostic, making you indispensable to someone even in an economic downturn.

If you want to learn more about business careers in tech that require 0 coding skills and can help you rapidly build a valuable resume, join School16 tomorrow at 6pm EST for a live webinar where you can get your specific questions answered.

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